Best Anti Rattle Hitch Device – Buying Guide & Review 2022

Don’t go anywhere if you are looking for the best anti rattle hitch device, we are here to solve your problem by evaluating the 10 best anti rattle hitch devices in your service. Our main objective in this article is to provide you with all the features that these devices constitute. These 10 best anti rattle hitch devices can give you all essential elements from the ability to minimize the movements, such as rocking and swinging the ball mount in the hitch to protection and reliability.

The best anti rattle hitch device not only supports the hitch, but it can use for towing and transporting cargo or a bike and even your traveling bed. This buying guide will direct you to pick the best anti rattle hitch device from the overcrowded market, as it plays the role of a map. With the hitch anti rattle wedge, you will enjoy your journeys, which are absolutely free of charge.

Types of Anti-Rattle Devices

Threaded Pins: They dramatically reduce the vibration and use in place of a pin and clip.

Sleeves: They reduce noise and movement by torquing down over accessory or shank, hitch, and attach at a point where the leg meets hitch receiver.

Wedges: They provide an economical solution to rattle and wedge between the hitch receiver and shank. They take up excess space inside the receiver.

Things to consider before buying best anti rattle hitch devices

  • Construction
  • Stable design
  • Versatility
  • Simple to install and utilize
  • Flexible
  • Cost

10 best anti rattle hitch devices

1. Anti Rattle Hitch Tightener Stabilizer 

Our first pick is Tulga Hitch Tightener, which highlights with a quiet hitch for 2-inch hitch receivers and comes from one of our favorite brands. This item works well to demonstrate what makes it very distinctive in comparison to its competing brands.

This stowaway hitch tightener is easy to mount that you slip this U-bolt over the receiver before moving the tightened plate into the bolt and eventually putting it in place. You can rely on this hitch cargo carrier autozone when it comes to stopping wobbling, rocking, or rattling.

This best anti rattle hitch device may also avoid any hitch movements for a freight carrier, a bike rack, a hitch rack, or a trailer ball installation.


  •  Infinite warranty
  • No sway performance
  • Steel is rust-free
  • Wide range compatibility of tow hitch receivers
  • Heavy-duty performance


  • Poor hardware issues

2. Hitch Clamp – Heavy Duty, 2 Inch – Made in The USA 

Our second pick is one of the expensive anti rattle hitch clamps in our rundown. This anti wobble hitch stabilizer is a top decision for certain leisure vehicle owners because it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

This trailer hitch anti wobble gives you significant serenity in your purchase, ensuring support when something goes wrong with your hitch tightener. This trailer hitch anti rattle becomes increasingly important when you consider it has a simple installation procedure.

Besides, this stow away hitch tightener is easy to mount as you slip this U-bolt over the collector before you slide the tightener plate into the bolt and finally lock it in place.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Heavy-duty performance
  • Stainless steel
  • Heavy-duty performance


  • Might be heavy

3. Dependable Direct 1 Pack – Trailer Hitch Tightener 

Another top option in this rundown is the hitch tightener anti-rattle stabilizer. For one thing, dependable direct was the reliable source of such automotive supplies. It is fine with Class III and Class IV hitch collectors and 2-inch receivers.

This item highlights with anti rattle hitch pin lock and comes with hardcore and powder coated for adding durability. This hitch cargo carrier autozone is best to rely on for all loads it could encounter.

This hitch anti rattle wedge comes with limited compatibility, but you can rely on it for a secure and quiet hauling or towing experience with problems at all.


  • Adjustable fit
  • Rust free
  • Rubber coated
  • Anti rattling and anti wobbling


  • Limited compatibility

4. Trimax THC250 Universal Anti-Rattle Clamp 

Trimax is one of the most reputed brands, which provide you the best anti rattle hitch device that you can easily install regardless of whether you are a beginner in using such objects.

This is a quiet hitch for 2-inch hitch receivers and fits into two-inch ball mounts comfortably and safely. It is ideal to suit a solid core or empty core install. This trailer hitch anti rattle is a flexible item that can offer you the outstanding performance expected of it.

This hitch anti rattle wedge may also act as an anti-theft device, which is a good thing, mainly if you are parking in a remote location or comping site. This anti rattle hitch clamp is efficient for preventing the hitch from squeezing and wobbling when driving or towing.


  • Easy to install
  • Fits 2.5″ ball mount
  • Durable and reliable
  • Can help you concentrate driving


  • Might not be the most durable around

5. Hitch Clamp – Cross Clamp 2″ Heavy Duty

The Hitch Clamp highlights with stow away hitch tightener, and it can be attached to the receiver without the need to detach the hitch. It gives quick access to all the bolts, so the installation is smooth.

The U-bolt of this anti rattle hitch clamp is made of heavy ½ “steel, which is best suited for removing the tilting and tilting between the receiver and the hitch. It is heavy and powerful-looking.

This item comes with anti rattle hitch pin, and it bolts at the angle of the shank, which implies that the clamping action is more upbeat with less movement. The price of it also according to the quality and durability of this extra-long trailer hitch.


  • Simplistic design
  • easy to use
  • Ideal for bike racks and cargo carriers
  • High-quality construction


  • Quite close to the bracket

6. STELLAR 10400 Hitch Shank Tightener, Anti-Rattle Clamp

Stellar is one of the best anti rattle hitch devices due to its hardcore tightener that works efficiently. You can rely on it for some ball mount mark that includes Rola and Thule.

A powerful U-bolt that can combat consumption and other damaging external components also supports this stop trailer hitch rattle. It is famous for the assembling of top quality hitch tighteners and superior tighteners.

The powder coating of this anti wobble hitch stabilizer increases its consistency, enabling it to continue to operate for a considerable period, even under changing environmental conditions and weight loads.


  • Outstanding anti rattle device
  • Heavy-duty powder coated
  • Easy installations in a second


  • Gets loose after long mileage

7. LIBERRWAY Hitch Tightener for 1.25″ and 2″ 

The LIBERRWAY Hitch is the best hitch cargo carrier autozone, and perfect for bike racks, cargo carriers, dirt bike racks, trailer hitches, weight distribution hitches, and any equipment haulers that have a receiver and mounted accessories.

This trailer hitch anti rattle device has easy access to the bolts on top of the carrier, trailer, or bike rack, making it easy to tighten. It is made of a robust and heavy U-bolts of ½ diameter and a solid steel bar.

This quiet hitch for 2-inch hitch receivers is perfect for those who love to go mountain biking, camping, and cross-state traveling. This best anti rattle hitch device is easy to install.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Stainless steel
  • Zinc plated


  • Some complaints about the long delivery time

8. MaxxHaul 70283 4-Bolt Sturdy Anti-Wobble 2″

The MaxxHaul receiver hitch anti rattle shim cannot skip off because it is robust for heavy-duty production. You may rely on it for its reliable and durable components for long-term use.

MarHaul is one of the quiet hitch anti-rattle ball mounts and is efficient in using mounting accessories with hitch receivers in Class III and IV styles to remove or minimize rattling and wobbling.

This hitch anti rattle wedge has the ability to cope with heavy loads too. It is easy to install; you did not need to spend more than 10 minutes installing it. It is highlighted with a wide range of applications.


  • Easy Use and setup
  • Extended applications
  • Robust steel construction
  • Simple design
  • Sturdy and rugged


  • Not durable screws

9. GenY 033 2″ Anti-Rattle NO-Wobble Hitch Slop Reducer,

GenY is also a quiet hitch for 2-inch hitch receivers, ball installation, cargo carrier, or bike rack. Upon considering the amount of work necessary to install it, these findings become even more remarkable.

This hitch anti rattle wedge is made from galvanized steel, and it is a hardcore tightener that works adequately as asserted. This model is the quiet hitch anti-rattle ball mount and is efficient in the use of mounting accessories with hitch receivers.

This best anti rattle hitch device is a flexible item that offers an outstanding performance. We adored the general construction and design of this hitch anti rattle wedge. It features with 2-set screws for installation and no slop hitch tightener.


  • Resistant to rust
  • Made from galvanized steel
  • Works with all 1.25-inch and 2-inch hitches
  • Easy install process
  • Affordable price


  • Shipping issues

10. CURT 22315 Anti-Rattle Hitch Pin Shim Device 

The CURT trailer hitch anti rattle is a durable device that adapts to 1.25 hitch receivers. When it comes to reliable and useful towing capacity, you can rely on it. For its simplicity and usability, you can also depend on the product.

This anti wobble hitch lock much minimizes the sway in your hitch and decreases vibration. It can deal with the rough and challenging environments and elements of the outdoors and weather.

The CURT 22315 operated efficiently for most types of 1.25 x 1.25 hitch receivers. This trailer hitch anti rattle is ideal for several hitch accessories with a hollow shank measuring 1.25 inches.


  • Quieter and smoother towing
  • Dependable towing strength
  • Durable and quality materials
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • Installation can be tricky sometimes


How to stop trailer hitch rattle?

You can stop trailer hitch rattle by locking the screws on both ends.

How to stop trailer hitch rattle?

To stop trailer hitch rattle, you need to lock the anti rattle hitch lock at a maximum angle to avoid rattling. If you have a U-bolt design, then tightly adjust it to the receiver and stop the trailer hitch from rattling.

How do you install an anti rattle hitch?

Install an anti rattle hitch by mounting the anti rattle hitch U-bolt or tightener by sliding the U0bolt over the stringer and inserting the tightening plate into the U-bolt and fastening it into the receiver.

How do you stabilize a hitch on a bike rack?

Insert the one end of the strap into your car and another end to the bike and reduce the movement, then strengthen the straps to stabilize the bike.


We hope we manage to make it easy for you to find the best anti rattle hitch device after going through this rundown. For your hitch, there are 10 best anti rattle hitch devices giving you a full-fledge option list.

We hope this article on the 10 best anti rattle hitch device helps you choose the right hitch anti rattle wedge for you and your project. The models you find in this review allow you to explore your imagination.

Folding up our 10 best anti rattle hitch device review and buying guide, we hope that we did our part of the job well to let you pick your next anti wobble hitch stabilizer leaving behind all confusions.

Always pay attention to the pre-requisites before buying the best anti rattle hitch device for your project. We hope this guide allows you to pick and try out any trailer hitch anti wobble and protect your investment. We wish you all the best!

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