Best Exercise Machine To Lose Weight At Home – Buying Guide 2021

Weight gain and obesity are one of the main problems in today’s generations. People lack the understanding that concerns obesity. Along with it come extreme peer pressure to get slim, a lot of health problems and the constant fat shaming. Fat shaming can be very toxic for your mental health and hence it is important to stay fit at all ages. Most of the popular reasons are very uninspiring when it comes to weight loss; however it should be kept in mind that a fit body results in better sleep, you knees and elbows work more efficiently, your taste buds are awakened and you can easily survive childbirth or a surgery. Hence we present to you an article about best exercise machine to lose weight at home.

Types of exercise machines

There are a lot of best fat burning machines at the gym, and we present you the ones that have an instant effect on your body.

Cross country ski machine

This machine helps you use arms and legs simultaneously. On some machines you have to move the skis yourself whereas on others it is automatically moved.  A wider foot bed and stability are required.

Elliptical trainers

This is a mixture of ski machine and a stair stepper. It provides a circular up and down motion and has hand grips for the movement of upper body. Different level of difficulties can be adjusted according to your needs.


This is a low impact workout that resembles climbing stairs. The motion can be hard on knees. It comes with a hand gripper for arm movement as well.


This is the best workout machine to lose weight as it enables you to walk indoors. A lot of things should be kept in mind while deciding a treadmill e.g. motor, a long and strong belt, an emergency stop device etc.

Stationary bicycle

If you are not looking for long stints, then this is a quick weight loss exercise. It gives you a cardiovascular workout and you pedal and cycle without moving.

Buyers Guide For Best Exercise Machine To Lose Weight At Home

Reason to buy

Not all machines are made for weight loss purposes. You should always keep all the other things in mind as well e.g. do you want your muscles to be strengthened as well? Do you need a quick weight loss or the one that happens with time? It is better to keep all these things in mind before reaching a decision.

Exercises you like

Let’s be honest. There are many exercises that help in quick weight loss; however they are so vigorous that none of us wants to actually exercise on them. If you buy dumbbells but don’t use them,   it would be a complete waste of time and money. So think before buying.


If you don’t have enough space in your home, buying and overly large machine would be a mistake. You either make space in your house by moving the furniture etc. or buying the machine that would fit in low space areas.

The main concentration point

If you want to get your legs slim, then go for an elliptical, or if you want your arms toned then go for weight lifting. If you want a full body reduction then go for a treadmill. Hence always keep this in mind so that you can get more effective results.

How to lose weight at the gym?

There are different ways to lose weight when you are at the gym. Some of them are as follows

1.  You can go for a high intensity workout where you use the best cardio machine for weight loss i.e. treadmill. You warm up for five minutes, go for a vigorous workout and then cool down at a slow pace. This brings sweat to your body which is perfect for fat burning.

2.  You need to constantly switch your work out because after some time your body becomes comfortable and hence the exercise starts losing its effects. Most of the gyms have a variety of the best gym equipment for weight loss and toning.

3.  Weight training is very important. It might not seem important, but the effect it has on your body will surprise you too.

4.  Try having a personal trainer because they can give you a diet plan and a workout session according to your needs.

Top 15 Best Exercise Machine To Lose Weight At Home



  • It has an adjustable seat which enables you to be comfortable with your legs.
  • It has an LCD computer display that showcases times, distance, speed, calories and total distance, helping you keep track of your progress.
  • Adjustable resistance knob so that you can increase or decrease the difficulty level.
  • The pedals have a safety strap.

If you are in search of the best exercise machine for weight loss, then you have come to the right place. You can easily unshed the unwanted pounds and increase your muscular power. Instead of buying expensive machines that take a lot of space and prove to be unworthy of your money, you should go for this, the best exercise equipment to lose weight.


  • The seat has a back pad and handlebars for ensured comfort.
  • Wheels enable easy transport from one place to the other.
  • It can withstand more than 400 pounds of weight.
  • It does not make any noise while working.


  • The pedal rotation becomes uneven sometimes.
  • Level of rotation becomes varied at different points in the rotation.
  • The screen tends to get stuck sometimes.



  • It comes with six standard programs, two custom programs and two heart rate programs.
  • It has adjustable pedal, console, stride and incline.
  • Pulse grip and chest strap heart rate monitoring.
  • It has 15 inch pedals.

Sole fitness is a must try if you are looking for the best fitness machine to lose weight. This is an elliptical machine that provides you with a very challenging cardio work out and the combination of high gear ration and 25 lb. flywheel means a very smooth workout. It is the best all round exercise machine that ensures weight loss and builds up your stamina.


  • Built in fan.
  • It can withstand 35 pounds of weight.
  • Quiet drive motion.
  • It has advanced sensor systems.
  • It is the best at home fitness machine.


  • Oversized pedals, causing the foot to slip sometimes.
  • It requires maintenance.
  • Better stability would have been seen if the back wheels were wide apart.



  • It has a soft drop system where it lowers itself on the floor, without causing any damage or thud sounds.
  • It has hand rails and quick speed buttons to help you understand your fitness better.
  • The transportations wheels make it easy to carry it around.
  • It has a digital monitor so that you stay focused and achieve your goal for the day.

If you are looking for a quick weight loss exercise, then this treadmill will act like a treat for you. I present you one of the best machines to use at the gym for weight loss aka a treadmill.  It will make your heart muscles stronger and gives an increased cardio output. As the best gym equipment for weight loss, it will burn all the excessive fat and make you look slim and fit.


  • It has a wide range for adjustable speed.
  • It is quiet and made of high quality material.
  • Shock absorption property with adjustable incline.
  • It is easily portable.


  • Only carry 220 lbs. of weight.
  • It does not come with a warranty.



  • It is really easy to assemble can be easily transported because of its wheels.
  • It has an LCD screen to track your distance speed time etc.
  • 1.5 HP motor that has 12 preset programs and 3 counts down modes along with support speeds.
  • It has buttons that instantly start or stop the machine and easily change speed during work out with a high density lawn textured belt.

We present you the best workout machine to lose weight in the form of MERAX treadmill.  It comes with multiple advanced features and ensure quick fat burning. As one of the best machines to lose weight you can use it daily or thrice in a week and see results better than all the other so called best exercise equipment for weight loss.


  • You can enjoy music while using this.
  • It is very quiet.
  • It has multi-functional displays with speakers.
  • Convenient shortcut buttons.
  • It has a wide range for speed limits.


  • It has a capacity of withholding only 240 pounds.
  • A very think flexible plastic covers its motor.



  • A cardiovascular workout is obtained through its twist motion which tones the thighs and buttocks
  • It is made up of heavy duty steel and has oversized foot pads for comfort.
  • It has an LCD display to show you your efforts e.g. tie etc. and it has an adjustable height.
  • Comes with a digital monitor.

Sunny health comes with another of its best fat burning machine, this stair stepper helps you become slim as you pretend to climb stairs on it. It a very vigorous exercise and only the best machines will make it more comfortable.


  • The adjustable height doesn’t let you put strain on your knees.
  • It is highly durable.
  • A total body workout can be carried out.
  • Slipping off is prevented.


  • It can only withstand 240 lbs.
  • It becomes squeaky over time.



  • An LCD console display shows the times, count, calories etc.
  • It has a 16 level resistance feature available, helping you customize your workout better.
  • The soft seat provides you with a comfortable soft condition, making rowing more fun.
  • It has a pulley for ease of moving and storing.

This is the best piece of exercise equipment to buy if you are looking forward to weight loss. It is fairly reasonable and shows quick results. This is a foldable magnetic rowing machine that helps you coe in the perfect body shape.


  • It has a foldable design for better storage.
  • It relived spinal pressure
  • Reduces body fat.
  • It protects the knees from going weak.
  • It prevents lumber muscle pain.


  • Some people find it difficult to assemble.
  • It takes tie to show its effects on your body.



  • It has a display console with easy to use menu with speed controls and timer.
  • It has 3 built in programs.
  • Comes with 50 speed range settings.
  • It has wheel and weighs very light hence is ideal for home use.
  • You can stand, sit or lay down while workout.

If you are in search of the most effective home exercise machine, then buy this one. This is a vibration machine that has an instant effect on your body.  The weight loss without any actual help is magical.


  • Ten minutes of this machine has an impact of an hour of exercise.
  • It improves muscle strength.
  • Results in better flexibility and metabolism rate.
  • It also has the tendency to strengthen jaw muscles.


  • It makes squeaky noises after some time.



  • It has a long frame, extended space and a nine position adjustable seat.
  • The dual belt system and high quality magnets provide a ore smooth exercise with more resistance.
  • It is a low impact exercise with a large seat and a backrest.
  • It has eight levels of magnetic resistance.
  • You can set a timer on it with the information about your goal each day.

Jekee gives you the best exercise equipment for obese people. It provides you with quick weight loss exercise and helps you get in shape. It is a stationary bike that makes you feel young again.


  • Comes with an ipad holder.
  • It works smoothly and quietly.
  • The backrest provides comfort.
  • It has adjustable pedals and a multi-function monitor.


  • The magnets might not stay as strong as they’re in the beginning as time passes.



  • It comes with bluetooth connectivity as you can sync your devices with the speakers in the treadmill.
  • Built in device holder.
  • It has a feather light folding.
  • It has three zone variable response cushioning.

For all those looking for machines that help you lose weight, horizon gives you the best offer. With its amazing customer reviews and five star ratings, it is surely going to have an effect on your body.  This treadmill is worth your money because it has always proved to be the best at home fitness machine.


  • It has a wide speed and inclines ranges.
  • It produces minimum sound and has increased efficiency.
  • Rapid charge USB port.
  • It comes with ideal deck support.


  • Its assembly takes a lot of time.
  • The bluetooth speakers might give out weird noises after some time.



  • The speed has a range from 0.2 mph-5mph.
  • It has full length walking assistant hand rail.
  • 10 shock absorbing deck cushions.
  • It has an LCD display for time etc.

I present you the best all round exercise machine, an exerpeutic treadmill. This is the best fitness machine to lose weight and is very efficient as well. Instead of having a gym machine workout routine for weight loss, just use this machine and the results will be clear.


  • Elderly and injured can easily use it.
  • It has the feature of hand pule calculation.
  • It comes with accessory holders.
  • 4 adjustable stabilizers.
  • It comes with easy transporting wheels.


  • It only takes 250 lbs. of weight.
  • Some people might experience light headedness for the first few times.



  • This exercise bike allows you to have a workout by either sitting or standing.
  • It has many resistivity levels, which can be controlled in accordance to what you want.
  • A built in screen that shows five functions that can be adjusted through a turning dial.
  • It has brake resistance mechanism and large rollerblade wheels to ensure a smooth work out.

This is arguably the best exercise machine for women because it is a combination of a stair stepper and an elliptical. Instead of looking for the best way to lose weight at the gym, buy this machine and see the magic happening at home. Get your hands on the best piece of exercise equipment for losing weight, as soon as you can.


  • It has comfortable large anti slip pedals.
  • It is highly flexible.
  • Portable and compact design.
  • It is super quiet and has high stability.


  • It can only withstand 240 pounds of weight.
  • Foot on the pedal slips.



  • It has a built in feature of adjusting your workout for the time you have.
  • It has a low impact like an elliptical and a calorie burning power of a stepper.
  • Easily be rolled into a place.
  • It also has a magnetic media rack for smartphones etc.

Bowflex should be your number one priority when looking for best gym equipment for weight loss and toning. This is an advanced stepper that has personalized coaching technology which tends to integrate a customized daily workout that proves that is the best exercise equipment to lose weight.


  • It has a bluetooth heat rate armband and contact grips.
  • 7 guided workouts.
  • It can make a four minute workout count too.


  • The assembling is very time consuming.
  • It sometimes lacks the toning of the muscles from the inside.



  • It has fold ups and retractable anchors with non-slip grip base and floor padding.
  • It has a bar with 30 degree rotation for easy rotation.
  • Bands that are 30 inches and around 2 to 4 bands are in one package.
  • It has straps that are padded that can fit on all wrists and a ankles.
  • It has handles for weight lifting.

A very unique machine has been presented by body boss. It is one of the best machines to use at the gym for weight loss and is proven to give a lot of effective results. Its five star reviews prove that it is the best fat burning machines at the gym.


  • The straps make it sweat resistant.
  • A door anchor locks it securely into the door frame.
  • You can exercise with any part of your body e.g. shoulder, upper arms, abs, core, calves etc.


  • It should have come with a handle bar as well.



  • It has vibrating oscillation movements.
  • It gives a low impact workout.
  • Video library and guiding books.
  • It has a handle and a wheel.
  • It has adjustable speed settings.

If you are looking for the best gym equipment for weight loss then we have got you covered. Along with being the best seller and having all the five star reviews, it is bound to be the best machines to lose weight. Get your hands on it a.s.a.p.


  • It has a wide range of speeds.
  • It is portable.
  • Durable.
  • It shows the best results.
  • Comes with a remote access.


  • It makes squeaky noises.
  • It is a bit expensive.



  • It has a 4D vibration plate.
  • It also has simple oscillation and micro oscillation.
  • Massage feature as well.
  • It comes with a wearable remote control.

We present to you the best workout machine to lose weight. This is a Vibration machine that ensures that it gives you the best exercise machine for weight loss. You instantly lose weight.


  • It has bluetooth speakers.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The best exercise equipment for weight loss.
  • It comes with extra accessories.


  • The amplitude falls on the low side.
  • The dieting part of the manual is useless.


In conclusion, we have given you a list of 15 best machines to lose weight at the gym that can be bought from home. There are all sorts of machines included and are the best ones in their categories.  I hope you find the best workout machine for weight loss that satisfies your needs.

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