Best Microphone For Voice Overs – Buying Guide & Review 2022

Are you going to start a podcast channel, or do you want to replace your old microphone with a new one? Choosing the best microphone for voice overs is a really frustrating job, because of the wide range of products available. Furthermore, you have to keep in mind the little details regarding microphones and their features, which require a lot of research. To make things easier, we bring to you a list of best microphone for voice overs along with a guide on how to choose the perfect one.

Characteristics to be considered before buying:

Connection type

The best mic for voice recording is available with two connection possibilities:-USB or XLR. A digital USB is ready to use and requires very minimum learning experience. It has an easy plug and pay set up, and a compact size that allows portability and affordability. However, it is used by entry level professionals, you cannot upgrade each part individually and it works with a single microphone at one time.

XLR is a more versatile option with an entire spectrum to choose from. It can work with multiple microphones at a time, however it is expensive, time consuming and hard to learn.

Type of microphone

Best cheap voice over microphone usually has two types, namely: – condenser and dynamic. A dynamic microphone is a universal type and has a wide range of sizes to choose from. It results in eliminating voice imperfections, and does not require a large phantom power. Moreover they’re sturdier and help in isolation voice in a noisy environment.  However, they are less sensitive and have a low frequency effect.

A condenser is specially designed for studio purposes with a better diaphragm. It is sensitive, and has a natural frequency response with a wide dynamic range.  Unfortunately, it sometimes requires extra care for background noises and can be used indoor only. They also tend to be more fragile.

Microphone polar pattern:

There are four patterns available:

Sub cardioid

It gives out more room presence and records direct sounds. It is capable of recording wider sounds with less background noise.

Omni directional

It has the ability to capture even sounds from all over; however it is better not to use it for voice overs.

Bi directional

It can record direct and back sounds, but no side sounds.


It has the ability to record faraway and close sounds, along with back sounds, however it cannot record more than one person.

12 best microphone for voice overs

1- Fifine Metal Condenser Recording Microphone


  • Has a multi system compatibility with windows, PS4 and MAC IOS.
  • Has a USB recording microphone
  • Accompanied by a sturdy tripod stand
  • The output is much louder than the recording
  • The microphone is condenser designed

This is arguably the best microphone for voice over as the USB port is available and ready to use at all times. High quality audio is offered by this cheap voice over microphone and can be used in accordance to any software. The digital recording, conducted by the condenser microphone removes background noises and has a smooth frequency response. The USB plus, USB cord and the stand make working easier, along with a volume knob that normalizes voice pitches.


  • The recording quality is excellent
  • Durable and sturdily built
  • Comes with a handy stand
  • Mic arm mount can be attached to it


  • It is not compatible with mobile phones
  • Has a lowered down sensitivity
  • Does not have a mute button

2- Blue Yeti USB Mic for Recording 


  • Has a three condenser microphone for recording
  • Comes with multiple selections for patterns
  • Has a zero latency headphone output
  • Requires a minimum of 64 MB of RAM.
  • Compatible with all devices except phone.

Being one of the best mics for voice overs, it gives out a professional recording and streaming quality. The three capsule arrays in this best microphone for voice overs gives off a broadcast quality sound and the onboard selection controls help balance out the audio according to the need. It has a unique design that can be positioned in a certain way to record a clearer audio. The 4 different patterns make recordings flexible and the play and plug options makes it easy to use.


  • Affordable, and yet provides quality work outcome.
  • Versatile and has a unique design.
  • Easily switches between the four polar patterns.
  • portable and can be used while travelling
  • Has a mute button.


  • Hard to set up for the first time.
  • If you move it a lot, it picks up background noise.

3- Neumann TLM 102 MT Condenser Microphone


  • Large diaphragm microphone
  • Has a characteristic of cardioid characteristics.
  • Comes in either a matte or a black finish
  • Has a high sound pressure level

If you are in search of the best microphone for voice acting, then blue yeti is a good option. The vocals coming out of this best microphone for voice over work are almost perfect, and have a sturdy stand accompanying it. Moreover, the 6 kHz frequency response is linear and results in minimal coloration. The defined bass range, along with the transform less circuitry. It has a very sleek and attractive design. This best cheap voice over microphone has used the advanced technologies and provides a technical, yet appropriate signal path for output and input voices.


  • It is the Best mic for female voice over.
  • Gives your voice a little bass
  • Available at a cheaper price.


  • It lacks an upper treble

4- MAONO AU-A04H Vocal Condenser


  • Comes with studio headphones
  • Has a professional sound chipset
  • Has a USB 2.0 data port and a shielding USB cable
  • It comes with a 16mm electret condenser transducer
  • Accompanied by a magnet ring

If you are in look for best microphone for home voice-over studio, then MAONO fits the description. This live set is compatible with all the windows and IOS as well. The 98in cable along with a condenser of a microphone core gives off a more accurate voice. The strong anti-interference magnet reduces friction. The 50 mm drivers bring out an immersive feeling, and the ear muffs come in an adjustable size. Moreover, this best usb microphone for voice over has a low self-noise and the headphones have self-protective earmuffs.


  • It has a fast delivery time.
  • Picks up crystal clear audio.
  • Has a smooth and a flat frequency 30Hz- 16kHz
  • The cord is nice and thick


  • It takes time to set it up properly.
  • Does not come with a warranty

5- TONOR USB Microphone Kit Q9 Condenser



  • Easily plugged into USB A to B cable
  • Has a fine sound of fidelity
  • Accompanied by a durable stand
  • Comes with a complete mic set
  • Has convenient controls and buttons

Tonor gives us the best voice over equipment, as it is easy to connect to all computers and MacBook’s. This best mic for voice recording has a high range of frequency response and a professional sound chipset. The microphone gives a clear quality sound and precise wordings. The cardioid capsule makes the sound more pristine, and the noise cancellation features reduces background noise. It has been laced with shortcut volume buttons and has an all metal stand that provides a good range of motion while speaking. As an important mic for voice acting 2020, it has a steel shock mount and a 180cm USB cable.


  • Has a top notch built quality
  • Works really well for the money.
  • Has an easy installation process.
  • Requires no added software.


  • There is no actual purpose for some buttons.
  • Might produce a hum sound sometimes.

6- MAONO AU-PM422 192KHZ/24BIT Professional


  • Has a professional sound chipset
  • Has cardioid mode
  • Comes with zero latency monitoring
  • Laced with mic gain knob
  • Accompanied by a boom arm set
  • Has a 12 month warranty

Here we have the best mic for voice over recording that comes with an electret condenser transducer. The converter provides high resolution sound and the capsule promises a detailed sound. The zero latency overcomes delays and gives a fast output and input signal. The built in LED system, along with the mute/unmute function tells you about the working status, making it a really good microphone for voice over. The metal arm stand is durable and has a shock mount for added protection. This best voice over microphone is compatible with everything except Xbox and smart phones.


  • The mic is extremely well built.
  • The mount helps in positioning according to the need.
  • The mute button is a bonus point.


  • Sometimes, you might get a high pitched sequel.

7- Stellar X2 Large Diaphragm


  • Requires a proper USB interface.
  • Has a strong iron body
  • Comes with a low noise circuit
  • Has a tuned sound
  • The diaphragm is high quality

Stellar gives us one of the best mics for voice over that are highly rated. The circuit is optimized, which enables choosing audiophile components and gold traces to prove high conductivity. The capsules are completely hand tuned and made with pure brass to ensure a good quality sound pick up. The microphones go through various tests including, a self-noise test and a frequency sweep test. This professional voice over microphone promises a lifetime guarantee of the iron components, along with the noise floor of less than 13dBa.  The sound quality does not erode away over time, and the natural frequency response makes everything even more accurate.


  • Cheap, and yet works like a high quality best mic for narration
  • Has a foam cover when it arrives
  • The quality is top notch.


  • It is not a named brand.
  • Requires a pop filter

8- IKEDON 192KHZ/24Bit Plug & Play PC Streaming Mic


  • Removes unwanted noise.
  • Accompanied by a sturdy arm stand
  • Has a USB condenser microphone
  • Has a frequency response range from 100Hz to 18 kHz.
  • Enabled with cardioid pick up system
  • Compatible with multiple systems

Ikedon gives you a good microphone for voice acting, especially because of the high sampling rating and its ability capture pristine audios. The dynamic range, along with the noise cancellation of background noise because of the cardioid pattern makes this product worth entering the voice over mic reviews. The microphone itself has a pop filter with a double mesh layer and foam windscreen resulting in an enhanced voice recording. It is accompanied by a steel arm stand that can be positioned and adjusted with the tension knobs to make the whole experience more comfortable. Moreover this voice over microphone for computer has a plug and play use, and is compatible with all the software.


  • They have excellent customer service.
  • The delivery is quick and efficient.
  • The filter methodically removes the unnecessary noise.
  • The microphone has a professional look to it.


  • Table clamps loosen with time.
  • Not compatible with Xbox.

9- Rode NT1-A Anniversary Vocal Cardioid Condenser Microphone


  • Has an internal shock mounting for capsule
  • Laced with externally biased condenser
  • Comes with transformer less surface mount circuitry.
  • Has a cardioid polar pattern
  • Self-noise of only 5dBa
  • Has a frequency range of 20Hz to 20 kHz.

Being the best microphone for voice over, RODE has a lot of enabled features within itself. The cardioid condenser ensures a high quality sound with clarity, and the 20 ft. long cable that makes the work easier. The low self-noise makes it the best microphones for voice over work, along with studio grade pop shield and the shock mount making the recording more precise and distraction free.  The package comes with everything that a professional person would need.


  • If positioned properly, it gives the smoothest, warmest sound possible.
  • It works well for its cheap price.
  • The service speed provided is top notch.
  • Setting it up is a very easy process


  • Might give a sharp tone at the end of some notes.

10- Pyle store Portable Pro Audio Condenser Desk Mic


  • Has the plug and play feature
  • Comes with an adjustable gain and headphone output level
  • Has a universal compatibility with almost every software
  • Accompanied by an adjustable tripod stand
  • Has the blue light LED effect
  • Laced with a cardioid condenser

A Pyle store gives one of the best mics for voice overs, as it as has many extra features. Live voice monitoring can easily be carried out by the headphone plug in socket. The knob tension feature can be used to control the gain and headphone output level for a more clear and pristine voice. The cardioid condenser in this  best microphone for voice acting has LED light to showcase the turning on/off of the mic. The universal compatibility is another to be noted feature.


  • The initial set regarding arm stand and mic settings is very easy.
  • The microphone is made of solid and durable material.
  • The whole outlook of this set up is very professional.
  • It requires no extra soft wares.
  • The built in headphone jack ensures smooth voice.


  • The mounting joint might be a bit crooked.
  • The controls are not front facing.

11- MAONO AU-PM320S Professional


  • Completely made up of metal
  • Has a very low self-noise system
  • Compatible with multiple systems
  • Comes with a custom engineered low mass diaphragm
  • Has a high SPL handling and a dynamic range

This is one of the best microphones for voice overs as it has a high configuration system. The extended frequency response, along with the superior transient response gives a pristine tone capturing.  The whole structure is made up of high quality material to prevent internal or external damage. This best voice over microphone has gone through multiple drop tests to ensure sound quality and it is foldable, for ease of carrying around. the cardioid pint reduces background noise, and the USB cable enables working in comfort. The shock absorber reduces distractions and the pop filter reduces saliva interference.


  • Has a high quality microphone cable
  • Has an adjustable arm of 180 degrees.
  • It does not give off any static noise.
  • Light weight and foldable, hence making it portable.


  • Does not have an easy installation process.
  • Requires a high power supply.

12- UHURU Professional Streaming Microphone with 25mm Large Diaphragm


  • USB plug and play feature
  • Has a professional recording microphone
  • Comes with cardioid polar patterns
  • Equipped with a professional sound chipset
  • Accompanied by a tripod stand

Proven to be the best mic for voice over recording, UHURU gives a very wide range of high and strong lows that instill a deeper and richer sound. A cleaner and clearer sound quality is ensured by the sound chipset, along with the cardioid polar pattern that extinguishes any background or extra noise. It has a full kit of the best voice over equipment including a boom arm and a pop filter. The pop filter prevents the microphone from being damaged. This good microphone for voice over is made up of high grade steel that promises durability and strength.


  • The outlook of the microphone is aesthetically pleasing
  • No paint peel off occurs, even after years of use.
  • Available at a cheaper rate than others.
  • The microphone can pick up a clear voice even from 14 inch distance.


  • It is a bit difficult to set up the first time.
  • There might be a delay in delivery time.


In conclusion, we have provided you with the best microphone for voice overs along with equipment. We have included a buyer’s guide and basic features to help you choose the best microphone for voice overs that suits you. You can choose a beginner microphone or a professional one with the help of our listings. I hope you find your best suited one.


what type of microphone is best for voice over

Blue yeti pro works like the best microphone for voice overs, especially because of its uncountable features.

what is the best microphone for voice acting

Blue yeti is the best microphone for voice overs.

What MIC do voice actors use?

Usually, blue yeti is used as it is affordable and provides god quality voice, making it the best microphone for voice overs.

What is the best software for voice overs?

The best software is adobe audition.

Is the Blue Yeti good for voice over?

Yes, it is one of the best mic that a person could own.

Is the Blue Snowball mic good for singing?

Yes it is. It has been listed in our lists; all the features can be seen there.

What mic does Drake use?

Drake uses the Neumann TLM 103 for singing and recording.

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