Best Rear Tine Tiller Under $1000 – Buying Guide & Review 2021

So maybe you got bored and started paying more attention to your garden and adopted gardening as a hobby? Or you cared about nature all along and want to redesign the garden? Or let’s just say you want to grow your fruits and vegetables in your yard. And which is the best rear tire tiller being the question that popped up in your mind. Well, small rototillers for sale will be our topic here.

Being a farmer or a gardener is not easy at all and it requires so much hard work that you might be having second thoughts for it by now. However, technology has made its way through almost everything. One worries about those unpleasant weeds growing every fortnight in their garden that they carved with so much love and the motivation you had the first day has caused you to have a painful back for a week whether you were plowing manually or just plucking out weeds. There is a device developed for that and you don’t have to compromise on your wellbeing. A heavy duty garden tiller will let you do both without the stress and pain in your joints, making it fun and easy.

Why plough soil and pluck the weeds?

Apparently, 18 inch rear tine tiller loosens the ground under the surface soil to help roots of the crop develop quickly and grow deep into the earth. It breaks the soil into smaller pieces to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the crop roots. This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger and a healthier lawn. Weeds being a menace reduce farm and crop productivity. They harm the crop or plants by aggressively competing for water, nutrients and sunlight, reducing crop yield and deviating the quality of the crop. We’ll be telling you about the best rear tine tiller for the money to counter these problems.

But before choosing the best rear tine rototiller, be sure to look at our buying guide which has been designed after analyzing the yard machine rear tine tiller reviews.

What to consider before buying the best rear tine tiller under $1000?


The best rototiller for large garden should be light weighted adding to its portability around the lawn. The weight should be such that the control should not be compromised on the tiller while using on un-even patches. However it is also be easy to roll around.

Battery life/Engine Capacity and fuel consumption

If the best dual rotating rear tine tiller might be battery operated, so the battery should be checked for its maximum capacity and the time that the best rear tine tiller under $1000 can operate on that battery life. However, some come with gas powered engines so keep an eye out for the power and fuel consumption.

Adjustable Tine Cultivator width and depth

Although most best rear tine tiller for the money comes with adjustable or removable tines to adjust the area you want your tiller to operate on but its handy to keep this in mind and purchase according to your requirements.


Looking at yard machine rear tine tiller reviews, one of the most important things is to analyze stability. The best walk behind rototiller will have full control and will not bounce back on odd patches.

Comfort of starting and operating

Every rear tine tiller for sale these days is competing for comfort. Your 18 inch rear tine tiller should start easily. Its tines must be sharpened enough for a smooth ploughing experience while working on a hard ground as well. This way it can operate without harming plantation and remove shrubs and weeds from the soil.

12 best rear tine tiller under $1000

So let’s start with yard machine rear tine tiller reviews that contain top rated rear tine tillers. These are handpicked and are extremely reliable so that you don’t compromise on your tilling experience.

1- Mantis 7924

One of the top rated rear tine tillers is the Mantis 7924 engine operated rear tine garden tiller for sale carefully picked in our walk behind tiller reviews.

  • Powerful 21.2 cc gas powered engine for a strong grip on the hard ground.
  • Weighs only 21 pounds so it is easily moved and operated.
  • Digs deep to 10 inches and 9 inches wide while adjusting to weeds where it digs 2 to 3 inches deep.


  • The cheap rear tine tiller is easy to assemble.
  • Transport handles are easy to grip making it comfortably portable.
  • Easy to pull starter cord.


  • Fast start might become problematic over time.
  • The starter cord might be pulled 10-15 times in winter season owing to a cold engine.
  • This cheap rear tine tiller might have problems on a dry ground.

2- Southland SCV43 Cultivator

Here we have one of the most powerful rear tine rotor tillers one of which is the Southland SCV that’s a go to option for many who are looking for the best rear tine tiller under $1000.

  • 43 cc Powerful engine with low noise that can plough just about anywhere and will not hurt your ears.
  • 7 inch rear wheels for convenient portability.
  • 8 inch tine diameter which provides a 5 inch tilling depth.


  • This powermate rear tine tiller is easy to put together.
  • Light weight to add to its portability and comfort of usage.
  • Works great on clay ground where its power comes into play.
  • Yard machine tiller tines will not engage and stick to soft clay.
  • Better than some electric start rear tine tiller as it has adjustable tilling width.
  • Easy to start up.


  • If not taken care of and cleaned, lower shaft casing can rust and leak oil while also causing a split at the bottom of heavy duty garden tillers such as this.
  • If operates on rock and soil mixture, the tines might curl and get deformed.
  • Motor requires regular cleanup as dirt and weeds can clog up resulting in a jammed motor.

3- Tacklife Electric Tiller

One of the heavy duty garden tillers is the Tacklife Classic which might suit you and your accomplice in your dream garden. It is among the high quality rear tine rotor tillers.

  • This best tiller for home garden is adjustable for height.
  • 12 Amp Copper motor which works at 400rpm.
  • Foldable transport wheels.
  • Tool free assembly and folding design.
  • Safety on and off buttons.
  • The Tacklife best rear tine tiller for the money has 6 tines for a wider tilling.


  • Less noise and vibration which adds to your comfortable experience of heavy duty garden tillers.
  • Easily transported and portable due to foldable design.
  • Durable and high quality machine parts.
  • Electric start rear tine tiller that does not require gas or the hassle of batteries and recharging them. Give a handy plug and play option.
  • 6 tines give a wider tilling and save time with 16-inch width and up to 8-inch-deep tilling.


  • Cannot be used in rain as a short circuit may occurred or one can face the hazard of being electrocuted.

4- Scotts Outdoor Power Tools TC70105S 

Scotts is a widely recognized company for power tools that are of great quality. It has come with one of the best rear tine garden tillers which we have mentioned here in our best rear tine tiller under $1000.

  • It comes with a powerful electric motor which carries a current of 10.5 Amp.
  • Plug and play option with this heavy duty garden tiller which is corded.
  • 11 inch diameter of tines.
  • 6 adjustable tines which can be adjusted to required width of tilling.
  • Flip down rear wheel so that wheels are only used when required and do not interrupt tilling.


  • This best rear tine tiller is light weighted and can be hung from the wall.
  • Digs easily on hard clay.
  • Powerful electric motor provides a lay off from gas and batteries.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Can not be used in rain due to the electric motor which can cause an electric shock or a short circuit.
  • Might stop working when over-heated.

5- Earthwise

With this best rear tine rototiller out of the yard machine rear tine tiller reviews, it’s a tough competition for others.

  • Powerful lithium ion powered long lasting 40 volts battery operated rear tine tiller for sale.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Digs 11 inches wide and 8 inches deep with strong 4 adjustable tines.


  • Cordless best rear tine tiller under $1000.
  • Adjustable tines give you the option of working in the middle while ploughing and weeding on the sides and making boundaries.
  • No fumes like that of a gas powered small rototillers for sale.
  • Saves up on fuel expenses.
  • Easy to handle and high portability.


  • Might not work properly when the battery is low.

6- Earthquake

A massive competitor in our earthquake rear tine tiller reviews that might just prove to be the best rear tine tiller for home garden. You  might have already heard about this one before.

  • Heavy duty 40 cc 4-cycle engine which puts in sheer power to your powermate rear tine tiller.
  • Extra kit, who doesn’t love anything extra? It comes with Edger kit that is for maintenance and cleansing of the machine parts. Apart from this it comes with a dethatcher kit too which is sold separately though.
  • Easy to pull startup cord.


  • Makes less noise than other small rototillers for sale due to 4 cycle engine.
  • Starts up smoothly without any hassle.
  • Earthquake heavy duty garden tiller comes with an air filter attached to the engine to keep dust particles out.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Oil level of the engine is hard to check when the powermate rear tine tiller is upright.
  • Not good for heavy grass and it may get stuck.

7- Schiller Grounds Care 7920

Yard machine rear tine tiller reviews hint towards Mantis 7920 which is another powerful best rear tine rototiller. It could be your match so be keen to read through what we’re about to write next.

  • Uses Gas+Oil mix as a fuel in the heavy duty 2 cycle engine.
  • 11 inches digging depth with 9 inches wide tilling.
  • Weighs 20 pounds and foldable arms.
  • Two cylinders for up to 1 gallon fuel.


  • Easy to handle and carry around as it is light weight.
  • Cordless gas powered engine so that if you don’t like wires, this is your go to best rear tine tiller for the money.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Plenty of power to work on hard ground and soil.


  • Might not start easily.
  • Instruction manual for assembling is not clear.
  • Vibrates more decreasing its stability.

8- Tazz

If you’re looking for the best rototiller for large garden, Tazz 35310 will not disappoint. This insanely powerful best dual rotating rear tine tiller is really famous for its reputation so do have a look.

  • Powerful heavy duty 79 cc viper engine which works on all kinds of soil, you just name them.
  • 4 cycle gas powered engine.
  • Adjustable and removable outer tines giving a variety of options.
  • Tilling width of up to 21 inches make this best rear tine tiller for the money unique.
  • Weighs 84 pounds.


  • Steel handle has 4 height positions.
  • Adjustable tilling depth can controlled up to 11 inches deep without the need of any tools.
  • Very stable and does not bounce back.
  • Does not harm plants while weeding.
  • Easy ploughing for ladies.
  • Fuel efficient.


  • Heavy weight property may not suit everybody but tires are bigger than other rear tine garden tiller for sale to increase portability.

9- Sun Joe

One of the top rated rear tine tillers is the powerful  Sun Joe  electric 18 inch rear tine tiller carefully picked in our walk behind tiller reviews.

  • Powerful 12 Amp Electric best rototiller for large garden.
  • Runs on max 340 rpm.
  • 6 durable tines which can used in tilling 16 inch wide and 8 inches deep making it one of the top rated rear tine tillers.
  • Comes with safety on and off switch.


  • Light weight and easily portable.
  • Stable and does not bounce back while tilling.
  • Makes very less noise as compared to many other best rear tine tiller for the money.


  • Might bounce back little while tossing stones.

10- The Royal Weeder

Next in our earthquake rear tine tiller reviews for best rear tine tiller for home garden is the Royal Weeder best rear tine tiller for the money. It is a good domestic best rear tine tiller so take a look.

  • Weighs a little over 3 lbs.
  • Rechargeable battery of 10.8 volts.
  • 6 inche hardened steel blades.


  • Affordable price for a domestic garden tilling purpose.
  • Easy to handle for senior citizens.
  • Long life battery.
  • Steel blades never need resharpening.


  • Cannot used on hard dry soil.

11- TrimmerPlus

A good value for money in our yard machine rear tine tiller reviews comes the TrimmerPlus GC720. Take a look.

  • 4 tines with 8 blades.
  • Digging width of upto 9 inches.
  • Gas powered.
  • Weighs only 9 pounds.


  • Great for tilling small area and domestic use.
  • Best to use after rain.
  • Removal of roots is made very easy by this 18 inch rear tine tiller.
  • Works great in a tight space.


  • Time consuming.
  • Cannot work on hard ground.
  • Can bounce sideways.
  • Not good for removing deep weeds.

12- CraftsMan

Out of the heavy duty garden tillers club we have CraftsMan CMXGVAMKC30A which is a powerful  yet sleek rear tine tiller for sale in our 12 best rear tine tiller under $1000.

  • Powerful 30 cc 4 cycle heavy duty engine which is gas powered.
  • Easy to pull startup cord.
  • 6 to 12 inches adjustable tilling width
  • 6-inch tilling depth.
  • Controllable tilling speed.


  • Light weight adding to its portability.
  • Adjustable speed for a great tilling experience.
  • Very compact so can  adjust in a suburban garage.


  • Might not be easy to clean.
  • Takes 3 pulls to start.
  • Parts might heat up.
  • Might get jam when not clean and taken heavy amount of work with.


It really depends on the requirements of the user and while many customers will require more power in their best walk behind rototiller, others’ requirements might differ. However, we’ve kept that in mind and provided a detailed overview which we hope will help you.

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Tazz 35310 is in our opinion the best.
It solely depends upon your requirement but dual rotating may be the better option.
Tazz 35310 is in our opinion the best.
There are different answers to that because models are designed differently so we urge you to read above.
It ranges from 3 pounds to 85 pounds.
They are made by either briggs & stratton or honda and it depends upon the model.
It comes with an instruction manual so it might be helpful reading that.

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