Best Tablet For Animation – Buying Guide & Review 2021

Most of our lives are spent online and it was a matter of time before art took that turn as well. Digital art and animation have been around for many years, but they came in trend recently only. Instead of large machines, we only need small best tablet for animation to make our online art dreams come true.

It might difficult to see your drawings being translated on to the screen directly in the beginning, but a person soon learns to appreciate the advantages of having best drawing tablet for animation. You don’t need any technological knowledge to excel at this; however you do need to have the best animation tablet for beginners with specific features.

Things We Consider Before Buying The Tablet For Animation

Display tablets/ graphics tablet

There is a very distinct difference between these both that makes either of them stands out in front of the other.  Display tablets are similar to mini monitors. They show your screen on the tablet surface as well which means you can keep your eyes fixed on the tablet. Graphic tablet only has a black box shaped area to draw. It does not show any display.

Hence you have to switch between looking at the computer monitor and drawing pad.  If you are a professional animator, or want to become one, then it is important that you have the perfect frame and get each and every detail captured. This is why the best drawing tablets for animation are the display ones. They are way easier to use, and usually come in a better quality.  The best tablet for animation drawing should have a bright display, shortcut keys and small screen for portability.

Size of the animation tablet

The best graphics tablet for animation is available in small and large sizes, both. Choosing the correct size from the varied size ranges is a very important key factor. A larger screen display will make it easier to handle images, animations, drawings etc.  Moreover a larger surface usually has a higher input quality as well, but they are not quite portable. On the other hand, a smaller display sized cheap but good screen drawing tables are portable and can be carried around in your laptop.

Pressure sensitivity

Just know that the higher the pressure sensitivity, the better the progress of work. Over here the pressure sensitivity refers to the thickness of the lines.  All sorts of tablets register the motion of pen, however only the best tablets for drawing and animation are good at responding.  There are different levels of pressure to choose from, including 256, 512, 1024 and 2048, where 2048 is the highest one.  You can choose the pressure you want according to your work animations.


Controls are the functional keys that can programmed according to the customer needs. Functional keys on pen can save your time and be more helpful. Other than that you can have a touch feature that reacts to your fingers as well. It is easier to work with integrated erasers, rather than buying separate ones. Pen response time, and pen tilt and rotation matter a lot as well.  These all collectively make best drawing tablets with screen.

14 Best Tablet For Animation

1- HUION KAMVAS Pro 20 2019 Upgraded

Huion gives you one of the best drawing tablets with screen that have been proven by the five star rating and amazing customer reviews. It has a battery free stylus with the tilt function. The pen pressure is up to 8192, which makes it easy to achieve a pixel level painting display.

Even the soft hand movement contributes to providing a natural drawing with this best portable drawing tablet. It has a 60 degree natural tilt recognition, which provides even more accurate drawings.  Moreover it comes with 20 keys and two touch bars.

This means that you are completely free to adjust the express keys as you want to. Moreover there will be an increase in productivity with these unlimited options.  Another reason why this is a good animation tablet that shows on the screen is that it allows you to work with your left hand as well.

It also has a full lamination technology which means that OCA glue replaces the air layer between the glass and screen to minimize response time. An anti-glare glass panel ensures no reflection and better protection of eyes.

Also gives off the perfect color display with a smooth coloring transitions. Moreover these cheap but good screen drawing tables come with gloves to help with the gliding of lines. It also has a pen holder which makes it perfect to hold a backup pen.


  • The size of this product is medium; it is big enough to work comfortably, but not enough to cover a whole desk.
  • It is also accompanied by a stand that helps to work in all sorts of angles.
  • The parallax feels nice and helps with the flow.


  • The HDMI is not too long which makes it a bit hard to handle.
  • It also comes with VGA, but it is a dead feature and isn’t really need.

2- Huion Kamvas Pro 22(2019) Drawing Monitor Pen Display

Huion gives us another best graphics tablet for animation. It comes with the newest upgraded technology of having battery free pens, which helps you achieve more accurate strokes.  A wow factor about this product is that it gives you ten extra replaceable nibs in the pen holder along with the already usable one.

The sides have been aligned with 10 customization press keys and one touch bar.  The work efficiency can be increased highly due to the easy access of key shortcuts. This best tablet for animation drawing comes with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, has 100% sRGB color RAMUT and 178 degrees wide viewing angle.

Care for your eyes is ensured by the anti-glare effect that effectively reduces the glare effect.  It has a 21.5 inch screen, which works as the best size, neither too small, nor too big.  Being one of the best drawing tablets for animation, it also comes with a multi angle, adjustable stand that can be set from 20 to 80 degrees.


  • The unpowered pen is definitely a huge advantage, considering it is super responsive.
  • It is available at a much minimized cost, which means it is affordable.
  • Acts as the best animation tablet for beginners because of how easy to use it is.
  • It comes with a one year warranty.


  • The HDMI cable is very short.
  • The colors might be just a bit washed out, especially black.

3- XP-PEN Artist22E Pro Drawing Pen

Here we have another best drawing tablet for animation, with remarkable customer views and five star ratings. It has a 21.5 inch display with 1080p resolution that offers up to 82% of accurate color gamut.

The colors are versatile and vibrant, perfect for all skill levels animators. Efficiency and convenience is guaranteed by the 16 customizable shortcut keys that can be aligned with software. Another remarkable feature about this most expensive drawing tablet is that it is suitable for right hand users and left hand users.  It has 8192 level of pressure sensitivity which has stunning fluidity and a full charge battery lasts for about two months.

It also has a multi-function pen holder that safely holds the nibs and back up pens.  Xp-pen has been ergonomically designed and supports 4k display. It also has an anti-reflective coating that prevents glare effect and the screen looks clear even in a bright out. It is also accompanied by a stand that prevents shaking and sliding off giving a comfortable drawing experience.


  • Several functions can be performed on this best portable drawing tablet i.e. sketching, design, editing, online education and digital drawing.
  • It doubles perfectly as a second or third monitor for general use and has a sturdy built quality.
  • Being one of the best tablets for drawing and animation it is easy to install and set up, with no dead pixels, and all the buttons work efficiently.


  • It has no DVI included and the VGA feature is very outdated.
  • There is a static build up under the screen sometimes.

4- XP-PEN Artist22 Pro Drawing Pen Display 21.5

We bring to you another of the most expensive drawing tablet that is perfect for all sorts of artists. It has a unique design with a full laminated 15.6 inch screen. The glass and screen are combined to go easy on the eyes.

It has a color accuracy of 120% Sr with 178 degrees of visual angle for less strain on neck. Supports 60 degrees of tilt and quickly senses the gesture movements proving a natural transition between colors. It has 8192 pressure sensitivity, which means increased accuracy and a better hand control that leads to finesse.

This animation tablet that shows on the screen has an innovative pen display design for extreme efficiency that fits perfectly in your hands. Moreover it also has 8 shortcut function keys which are fully customization which means you can optimize your work flow.


  • It is compatible widely because of its amazing features.
  • Portable and user friendly, which means it, can be carried around.
  • It has a battery free pen that can work up to for a long time.


  • It does not come with replaceable nibs and pens.
  • They don’t have a responsive customer service.

5- Wacom One Digital Drawing Tablet 

Here we have the best wacom tablet for animation, which is totally worth your money. It works the best for all sorts of skilled people and has numerous features available. Also included software features in it, which means if you register to the Wacom app you can get linked to adobe Photoshop etcetera.

It has a battery free pen that can connect to multiple devices.  Attaching the pen to your device makes them a digital canvas which makes it ideal for several purposes.  It has a 13.3 inch display which shows full digital colors and can be fit into anything.

It has also been accompanied by a stand that helps raise the display to 19 degrees.  There is a surface friction that enables more comfort. This is the  best drawing tablet for animation that lets you perform multiple functions.

It allows drawing/sketching which means you can use it as a paintbrush, color or chalk. It also allows visual thinking, photo/video enhancing and distance learning.


  • This product comes under an affordable price and is cheaper than other best drawing tablets with screen.
  • The pressure sensitivity is great and the set up was fairly easy.
  • This best wacom tablet for animation is portable and can easily be carried around, and the stand is sturdy and durable.


  • The pen does not have an eraser, which adds extra cost because you have to buy a separate one.

6- GAOMON PD1560 15.6 Inches 8192 Levels

Gaoman is one of those companies that give us cheap but good screen drawing tables with the most amazing customer reviews.  It comes with 10 shortcut keys which can customized according to your needs.

This is not a stand-alone product; it has to be connected to other devices for display. It comes along with a rechargeable pen that lasts for up to 350 hours. The pen only requires 2 to 2.5 hours of charging.

Moreover there are 8 replacement nibs available that have been integrated at the end of the pen holder. The screen is about 15.6 inches and the display angle of the pen can be adjusted as well. It has 8192 pressure sensitivity that results in more accurate and precise movements.

It also has 5 menu buttons and is fit for left handed people as well. This best portable drawing tablet is worth all your money.


  • It is delivered with everything you need to set it up with, even a screwdriver.
  • You don’t need a screen protector because it is more comfortable drawing directly over the glass.
  • It comes with a stiff bag to easily move the tablet whenever you want to.
  • It is not the most expensive drawing tablet and yet comes with all needed accessories.


  • The only problem in this product is the color calibration. It might not be the best option if you are a perfectionist.

7- HUION KAMVAS Pro 13 GT-133 Drawing Tablet

Huion gives you the best graphics tablet for animation with a 13.3 inch laminated screen. This helps in the improvement of optical quality and provides better visual effects. A fairly clear picture is provided, even in bright light due to the anti-glare glass protection.

It has a 178 degree viewing angle and a high resolution to promise no color loss and attention to intricate details. It has a 120 % Srgb available with wide gamut to present 16.7 million colors clearly.

The battery free stylus pen comes with 8192 pressure sensitivity and a unique 60 degree tilt function. It also has an upgraded 266pps report rate which ensures a faster response without broken lines.


  • Huion is portable because of only 11 mm of thickness and weighs only 910 grams.
  • It is the best tablet for animation drawing has a pen that does not need batteries and tilt.
  • The parallax is very little because if screen lamination and it comes with dedicated hotkeys and sidebars.
  • It is one of the best drawing tablets for animation because it only requires a single cable, instead of 3 separate USB, HDMI and power cables.


  • The window drivers are just little twitchy.
  • There are no touch features available.

8- XP-PEN Artist12 11.6 Inch FHD Drawing Monitor

Xp-pen gives us another best animation tablet for beginners with multiple exceptional features. It is the smallest drawing pen tablet available with 11.6 inches of screen. It has a 72% of color gamut and 178 degrees of visual angle.

Xp-pen also has an anti-reflective coating that prevent glaring, presenting screen to be bright even in broad daylight.  The display is HD with high resolution which results in precise and accurate designs.

Moreover the screen prevents dust build ups making everything more efficient. To be labeled as a good animation tablet that shows on the screen it has 6 handy shortcuts and a slim touch pad that can be customized according to your needs.

The pen is battery free stylus that has a unique hexagonal design. It is non-slip and has tack-free flexible glue grip, along with a partial transparent pen tip and an eraser at the end.

This all is accompanied by a pen holder, with extra nibs in case of an emergency. The drawing tablet is applicable for many things including drawing, illustration, image editing, 3D sculpting, online education etc.


  • It comes with an anti fouling glove.
  • The cables are solid and durable, and connect to the tablet at a 90 degree angle which prevents cable damage.
  • The screen clarity makes it a good drawing tablet for beginners.


  • There is no proper guidance or documentation on how to use it well.
  • The customer service is not very commendable.

9- Parblo 10.1 Inches Coast10 Graphics Drawing Tablet

Parblo is one of the best cheap drawing tablets for beginners. Is has a battery free pen, so there is no worry regarding battery leakage etcetera. The wright of the graphic pen decreases with no battery, making it easier to hold and more comfortable.

It has an ergonomic design which means you can put the screen in your lap, or anywhere else and you will still be able to view the screen easily. The pressure sensitivity of this pen is of 2048 level which makes it highly responsive and natural to use.

It is accompanied by a two ginger glove which has been specifically design for artists that use graphic tablets. The glove is manufacture by high elastic fiber with air permeability and strong resistance to improve efficiency.

It also reduces the friction between hand and screen. This computer animation drawing pad comes with a high speed 4 ports USB hub that is easy to carry and is manufacture by of high strength plastic.


  • The best feature is portability, you can take it anywhere with you.
  • It has the perfect medium size that a good illustrator needs.
  • The calibration of the pen position is easy and goes with the flow.
  • The customer service is commendable.


  • The Photoshop does not work well with this.
  • The colors are not very great.

10- HUION New 1060 Plus Graphic Drawing Tablet

Here we have another huion drawing tablet for animation that works magic. The pen has 8192 level of pressure sensitivity which means you can enjoy smooth and natural lines. Moreover it comes with 12 express keys and 16 soft keys which are all customization.

It has full area coverage with a pen carrier and thinner border. The express keys are very quiet and there is an 8 GB built in SD card in the top rated drawing tablet. It is compatible with multiple software and meets all your needs. It also has an updated micro USB port and 4 slip mats to prevent the table from slipping.


  • If you have to switch computers you can save your work in the space available easily.
  • It is quite large; making it has more working area for drawing.
  • There are tons of buttons, for so many reasons which make work very easy.
  • The price is perfect for all the features it provides.


  • It isn’t quite portable.

11- Wacom CTL4100 Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet

Wacom gives you the best animation tablet with a pen without a doubt. This graphics tablet can used for any software digital art, animation etc. the battery free pen has 4094 level of pressure sensitivity and 2540 lip.

The only step to perform is to connect this tablet with the device through HDMI or USB port. This top rated drawing tablet has a slim design and is compact, which ensures easy carrying and provides a larger drawing area.

It has 4 customization shortcut keys that can ease your work for you. it is extremely easy to set up for left and right hand both.


  • It is portable and can easily carried around in a laptop bag.
  • Best for beginners use.
  • It works great with online software.


  • The customer service is not very helpful.
  • It is a bit expensive.

12- XP-Pen Deco 01 V2 10×6.25 Inch Digital Graphics Drawing Tablet

Xp-pen gives us another best drawing display tablet. It has a type C input design which makes it easy to use and plug in.  it has a medium sized drawing area with the thickness of 8 mm, making it easy to carry.

Xp-pen is compatible with different devices and software and can used with android as well. It has a 60 degree tilt brush stroke effect that delivers smooth lines along with the ability to add shading to your illustration.

Xp-pen has a better free stylus that has the pressure sensitivity of level 8192. It is workable for right and left handed people and has 8 customization keys.

It has the one click option to change between a pen and an eraser. The newest high tech IC makes the lines smoother and the screen is lightened during dark.


  • It comes in very proper packaging, making sure that no harm is done to the product during delivering process.
  • Xp-pen has a light weight sleek design to ensure portability.
  • It comes with a pen holder and 8 extra nibs.
  • It also comes with a free artist glove.


  • The placement on the buttons of the pen is a bit annoying.

13- UGEE M708 Graphics Tablet, 10 x 6 Inch Large Drawing Tablet

Ugee gives us cheap good quality drawing tablets and is totally worth the money. this graphic tablet has a large screen with paper like feel to it which makes the drawing more comfortable. It has a battery free stylus with 8192 sensitivity which helps in drawing accurate lines according to the pressure applied.

Ugee is compatible with all sorts of devices and has a total of 8 customization function keys. ugeeis user friendly for let handed people as well.


  • It comes with the best tablet stand for drawing.
  • It comes with a yearlong warranty.
  • The pen is easily rechargeable and there are extra nibs for emergencies.


  • The free gloves are a little comfortable.
  • The instruction manual is not understandable.
  • The charge cord for pen is very short.


In conclusion, we have presented to you the best drawing display tablets along with the buyer’s guide. The information provided will help you get your dream animation pad with the most advance features. We have given you a list of 14 best animation pads, whatever you choose will hopefully be up to your expectations.

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what drawing tablet does jaiden animations use?

Jaiden confirmed that she uses the Wacom intuos pro and wacon cintiq 22HD.

which tablet is best for drawing

Wacom gives out the best tablets for drawing.

Can you animate on a tablet?

Yes you can animate on tablets with the help of animation pads.

Is iPad good for animation?

There are many apps in the app store that can utilize for animations on iPad but it is preferred to use a professional animation pad.

How much is a animation tablet?

It depends on the company you buy from.

How do animation tablets work?

This can figured out through the user manual. Most of them are connect to some system or software.

What is the cheapest animation tablet?

The cheapest tablet is given by huion.

How do I animate without a tablet?

You ant animate without a tablet.

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