Best Tent For Tall Person – Review & Buying Guide 2021

In today’s world going to a certain place through an airplane has become so easy. However even today we have people love going out in the mountains and to the places where very less people live and where no airplanes go. For places like this you have to make all sorts of arraignments beforehand and one of them includes living. To solve that problem out we bring you a review of the  best tent for tall person that you can buy to make your journey even more memorable and comfortable. These tents have been chosen from the best and will not disappoint you.

Considerable Factors While Buying


There are mainly five categories for tents. The summer tents are designed to achieve the maximum ventilation along with protection from insects in summer. Three season tents are structured to take you through three seasons in different weather conditions, be it wind or spring.  Convertible is for those people who have to survive many conditions in different places and it comes with various different features. The winter tent has tough fabric that is perfect for camping in winters as it would keep you warm too. Tarp is a very different sort of tent which is very light weight and usually requires knot making skills as they are tied to trees etc.


Different tents come in different shapes. A-frame shape has sliding walls that might not provide enough space for elbows and knees. A modified A-frame has a center loop hole, curved side walls and ridgeline pole. Dome has many features but mainly is very spacious, has arched ceilings and is very stable during winds. Hoop shape has very light weight and is weather resistant but not stable enough. Pyramid shape mostly has a rainfly which is supported with vertical center pole and has stakes at the sides, however it is floorless.

Floor space

You should always keep in mind about how many people are going on that trip. If it is only one then you should go for cheap one man tent, but if there are more than you should choose the floor space accordingly.  Moreover, look for the height as tall people would need a tent that has a very high height to fit him inside. Usually 7 ft. tall tents work fine for tall people.


The other features that you should take in account are the number of doors it should have, the number and the size of t

The other features that you should take in account are the number of doors it should have the number and the size of the windows or should be freestanding or non-freestanding. Moreover you should keep in mind that what type of material you need for the pole.

Is it aluminum or fiberglass or maybe carbon fiber. Look for inner storage pockets, ceiling loops, guy out loops, inner canopy and double wall or single walls.

 15 Best Tent For Tall Person

1- Quick Set Escape

Here we our top choice for tents for tall people. It will fit all your needs and is perfect if you want to go on a long hike. With its amazing customer reviews and five star ratings, it is a must buy.

  • Being one of the lightest one person tents, it provides you with complete protection as it is water resistant and has no-see-um mesh screens.
  • It is also one of the most amazing tents with tall center height of 94 inches and it covers a total area of 110 square feet.
  • It does not require any sort of specific assembling.
  • Ready to use in under 45 seconds only.
  • All you need to do is lay the shelter flat and then pop out the five hubs. After that just push the roof up.
  • After you are done camping, this best backpacking tent for tall person can easily be fit inside your oversize carry bag.
  • It has a210 denier fabric and 600 denier of fabric in the center section of roof.
  • Also comes with 11mm fiberglass poles making it one of the best tall 4 person tent.


  • It has triple layers in the corner of the pole so that wear and tear Is reduced.
  • Highly durable.
  • It is water resistant, which makes it fit for every place.
  • Easily fit inside a picnic table as well.
  • It has built in center support hubs.


  • It does not come with wind panels, which might be a problem for many people.
  • You need to carry it in a dauntingly large bag.

2- Under The Weather

Under the weather gives you cheap one man tent that is worth all the money you spend on it. This pop up tent is perfect for all sorts’ weather and is relatively cheap to the other entire stand up tents for camping.

  • Mypod pop up tent makes sure that you can watch a game with all your family alongside
  • This ultralight one person tent has a patent pending design and is constructed with durable steel wires.
  • Moreover this ultralight one person tent is also made up of wind and water resistant polyester along with a cold treated clear pvc.
  • It can be fully closed and has a zip in and out.
  • It also comes with roof hooks for added protection.
  • Moreover this ultralight one person tent has a very clear front view along with sides that provide a view of 270 degrees.
  • It is warm up to 30 degrees inside so that you don’t feel cold.


  • Durable.
  • It is very light weighted and hence portable.
  • Protects you from harmful sun rays.
  • It comes with roof attachments as well.


  • It fogs up when there is mist around.
  • Doesn’t maintain well under frigid temperatures.

3- Clam Quick Set

You need to stop looking out for ultralight one person tent when you have clam quickset as an option. This a 7 foot tall tent where you can fit as many people as you want. It is worth all your money.

  • This 7 foot tall tent has heavy duty removable floor along with wind panels that have been built in.
  • The wind panels come in handy for many occasions e.g. barbeques.
  • It covers a 63.5 square feet of an area.
  • This area id spacious enough to fit a standard picnic table or eight people in total.
  • It comes along with 11 millimeter fiberglass poles, oversized carry bags, 6 die down ropes and 7 deluxe tent stakes.
  • Quick set only requires one person to set it up.


  • It is one of the best tents tall enough to stand up in.
  • It is very easy to build.
  • Quick set also has zip down panels for privacy.
  • It is durable.


  • During strong winds it has to be secured down tightly.
  • There should be more tent stakes apart from the six provided.

4- Swiss Gear

Swiss gear gives you one of the best camping tents for tall people and is a must have if you are someone who enjoys going out on hiking.  It is considered as one of the best tall camping tents for sale because of the remarkable features that come with it. Swiss gear hiker tent and hiking pole are, without a doubt, the most famous products given out by Swiss gear.

  • This tent comes with a zippered duffle bag to carry it around.
  • It can hold up to five people at one time.
  • This is one of the best 6 foot tall tents.
  • It comes with four large floors to ceiling windows, a gear loft, e port, a shoe port and a flex styled door.
  • It has a dual ridge pole design and shock corded fiberglass frame.


  • As one of the best 6 foot tall tents it is weatherproof.
  • It is durable.
  • Swiss gear has a light weight so that it can be carried around easily.
  • It is very easy to set it up.


  • Sometimes condensation builds on the under part which causes moisture to soak in.

5- Wakeman

Wakeman is gives you the best two person ultralight tent that goes perfect with your adventurous nature. This ultralight trekking pole tents will make your journey a memorable one even if all you are doing is heading to campground for the weekend.

  • This might seem like the smallest 2 person tent, but don’t judge the book by its cover because it is one of the best tents for tall people.
  • The tent body is made of nylon and there is a rain fly on tent that ensures water not entering through any possible route.
  • It has a large D style door for comfort and space.
  • It also has an interior storage pocket that helps you stay organized even when inside the tent.
  • The fiberglass poles and the ventilation allow you to use this tent for different activities.


  • It comes with a green storage bag.
  • Wakeman is very spacious and convenient.
  • It works best for all sorts of occasions.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed by this two person ultralight tent.


  • It only comes with one entrance.
  • The waterproof hat that comes with it useless.

6- Teton

For all those people who are in search of lightweight single person tents, Teton gives you the perfect product. This lightest single person tent is an all in one design and is totally worth all your money.

  • To set it up you just have roll it out on the surface, lock the poles and pull the down strings.
  • It is made up of micro mesh fabric.
  • The fully meshed top allows you to witness the sky.
  • It comes with a very informative manual.


  • You can easily enjoy stargazing in this.
  • It is waterproof.
  • One of the best ultra-lightweight one person tents.


  • Its support sometimes falls apart.

7- Coleman

Coleman gives you the best stand up tents for camping if you love hiking. For all those people who love travelling around in the mountains and all sorts of places where you cant have a house, this is the best tall 4 person tent that you can buy.

  • It is made up of polyester with taped seams.
  • The welded corners along with inverted seams keep the water away.
  • It is made up of double thick fabric and it easily packs into an included expandable carrying bag when you are done with it.
  • Moreover it comes with preassembled poles so that this tall 4 person tent is set up in under a minute only.
  • It also blocks 90 percent of the sunlight to give you a cozy feeling in the tent.


  • You can sleep even during daylight as it blocks sunlight.
  • It is one of the best tents with tall center height.
  • It comes with a dark room technology.
  • Coleman has a very quick and easy set up.
  • It comes with a year warranty with it.


  • It sometimes gets misty and humid inside.
  • Coleman requires a lot of place to be set up.

8- Forceatt

Forecatt is the perfect option if you are frantically searching around for camping tents for tall people. With the amazing customer reviews and guaranteed satisfaction, it is worth your money.

  • It can be used for both internal and external accounts.
  • It comes with a large mesh door, a mesh top and two large mesh windows that ensure airflow and prevent from condensation.
  • Instead of getting smallest 2 person tent, you can have this very spacious two person tent with a lot of free space.
  • The lock function and the external account combined together make the tent more stable.
  • The buckles and straps are used to assemble the tent body.


  • It comes with dual zippers.
  • The zippers are waterproof.
  • It is extremely easy to assemble it and give it shape.


  • It is very large and heavy which makes it difficult to maneuver around.

9- Core 9

Here we have core 9 which promises the best backpacking tent for tall person. You can easily be able to enjoy your trekking journeys without having to worry about a place to stay at.

  • Being one of the best camping tents for tall people, it can withhold a total of 9 people.
  • The tent is made up of 68D polyester.
  • It comes with steel stakes that are of seven inches.
  • The seams are heat sealed in such a way that no water can enter.
  • It comes with telescoping poles already attached to it for structure.
  • Core 9 has a large T door to ensure ease of going in and out along with a good air flow.
  • It also has a detachable room divider for privacy.


  • It is one of the best tents with tall center height.
  • Core 9 can fit two air beds inside it.
  • It is very easy to set up as the already telescoping poles make it hold its shape.
  • It is water resistant.


  • Their customer is not as good as it should be.

10- Night Cat

Night cat is known for its tents for tall people and here we have its one of the best lightweight single person tents. It is worth the money you spend on it.

  • This lightest one person tent has foldable fiberglass poles that ensure easy carrying around.
  • It is a single layer tent that has a very easy set up process and breaking down process.
  • Made up of exceptional waterproof fabric along with waterproof tape on every seam and double tape on 4 sides on the corners.
  • It is also accompanied with pegs and ropes.
  • Night cat can easily fit in a one man mattress as it is the lightest single person tent.


  • It is the one of the best lightweight single person tents.
  • It is very easy to assemble and it can be done under a minute only.
  • Waterproof and windproof.
  • It has an inner pocket at the bottom to hold your things.
  • The hook on the top can easily hang a fan.


  • You have to learn the assembly first two times properly to be able to do it easily.

11- Yodo Spacious 3-Season Waterproof Tent

Yodo gives you the best backpacking tent for tall person. It is a must have if you want to go out with your best friend on a trekking trip and have as much fun as possible without having to worry about the tent. This is one of the best stand up tents for camping that you can spend your money on.

  • It is light weighted and easy to set up.
  • Yodo comes with a bag to store it in.
  • It has a rain fly vented roof along with two durable glass fiberglass poles.
  • Moreover it has a storage bag and four metal stakes.
  • It has a two way zippered mesh window and easy entry front door.
  • It also has a large side wall mesh.


  • Yodo has a greater visibility because of orange ropes.
  • It enables easy star gazing and having fun.
  • It is one of the best ultralight trekking pole tents.


  • Yodo is not waterproof.
  • The light fabric tends to get holes in it easily.

12- Bessport

Bessport is the best option for lightweight single person tents. It gives you the lightest one person tent that you can carry around with you to have the perfect camping experience.

  • Bessport has a tear resistant fabric that is waterproof.
  • It is made up of micro mesh fibers with 8 inch zipper.
  • Two D shaped doors along with two vestibules.
  • It has seam taped construction that prevents leakage or water coming in.
  • You are protected by the wet ground through welded floor design.
  • It has two pre attached poles to help with the set up.


  • Easy to set up.
  • It is tear resistant hence sharp things don’t affect it.
  • Best ultra-lightweight one person tent.
  • It has remarkable ventilation system.


  • It tends to get affected by the wind sometimes.
  • The set up time id at least five minutes.

13- Ot

Ot gives you tents tall enough to stand up in and promises quality along with it.  Moreover it, without a doubt has the best tall camping tents for sale and you should bet your money of them as soon as possible.

  • It has an adjustable vent at the bottom that lets you decipher the temperature yourself.
  • It comes with an extremely large window at the side that makes it more breathable.
  • This stand up tent for camping has many storage holders to keep small items. The top storage bag can hold a phone for you to lay down and enjoy a series.
  • It is also accompanied with a rainfly.


  • It takes only 60 seconds for you to set it up.
  • Very spacious interior.
  • It is one of the best tall 4 person tent.


  • The zipper attached is of very low quality.
  • It takes up a large space on the ground.

14- Pacific Pass

Pacific pass creates the best camping tents for tall people as they are built in such a way that they are capable of handling the outdoor pressure. Moreover it allows you to be free when you are venturing into wild experiences.

  • It is made up of water resistant fabric and polyester.
  • It has two zippered windows along with gauze between the tent and the flysheet.
  • Mesh pockets inside the tent to keep your belongings safe.
  • It also has a hook on the top for you to hang your camping light.
  • It comes with a carry bag to make it easier for you to take it around.


  • Extremely durable.
  • It has a perfect weather resistant fabric.
  • It looks very versatile especially for hiking outdoors.


  • Sometimes tends to get torn easily.
  • There I no warranty along with it.

15- The Monster Factory

Here we have one of the very uniquely designed tents for tall people. Don’t go on its funky exterior because they promise quality with looks as well. Get your hands on this as soon as you can. This might just be the best backpacking tent for tall person you can get your hands on.

  • It comes with a free standing pole and that are bungee coordinated.
  • Two inner rooms in it.
  • It is 10 ft tall and is completely made up of waterproof material.
  • The rooms are separated by two zips and a door.
  • The inner tent has many storage pockets.


  • It is very spacious.
  • One of the best tents with tall center height.
  • Ensures privacy.


  • It does not have a good customer service.


In conclusion, a tent will be one of the most crucial parts of your journey. It is important that you choose the right one because if you realize that its wrong after reaching to your destination, there will be a lot of problems. I hope this review helped and it will help you get the best tent for tall people that would reach up to your level of expectations.



  • What defines waterproof in a tent?

Waterproof means that all of the external fabric is either made of water resistant material or polyester to stop water from entering the tent when it rains.

  • How should I store my tent?

You usually get a carry bag with it in which you can easily pack it.

  • How much time would it take to set up the tent?

It depends on the type of tent you buy but it usually takes 1 to 5 minutes.

  • How do I reduce condensation?

The key to reducing condensation in your tent is to have a lot of ventilation.

  • How do I repair tears?

Many stores sell water resistant cloth patches that can be used. Seam sealants and duct tape act like a good option sometimes too.

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