Best Lead And Cadmium Free Dinnerware Sets – Buying Guide & Review 2022

Surprisingly, almost no lead and cadmium free dinnerware sets easily available in the market . None of us would have thought that these colorful plates with all sorts of different designs on them can lead cadmium and lead when served with food. After a lot of research it was found out that a lot of the plates and dishes bought online contain lead and cadmium which can prove out to be extremely harmful to your body. This is exactly why we bring to you lead and cadmium free dinnerware made in USA.

Lead is mostly use in dinner ware in a way of glazes or surface decorations to make them more bright and shiny. Cadmium is mostly use to make dishes more bright and colorful. There is a high chance in china or bone china to have lead and cadmium as it uses glazing and durability through lead and cadmium. These both toxic materials can easily found in vintage china, Mexican terra cotta, Asian plates, and handcrafted dinnerware etcetera. The plain and white dishes are also not safe from this, even if they are very expensive.

The leaching of these lead and cadmium dishes becomes even more strong if acidic food is served in them e.g. lemon, soy sauce, apples etc. most of the lead and cadmium containing dishes are not even microwave safe. The best lead and cadmium free dinnerware is hard to find, hence we bring to you the ten best of them.

8 lead and cadmium free dinnerware sets

1- Amazon basics

If you are in search for lead and cadmium free dinnerware, amazon basics gives you exactly what you require. This is an AB-grade porcelain dinnerware which brings an elegant sense of contemporary style to the kitchen.  This whole 18 piece lead and cadmium free dinnerware made in usa includes six 10.5 inch dinner plates, six 8 inch salad plates and six 6.7 inch salad bowls.

The high grade porcelain promises durability and strength for a long period, and the easy handling is ensure by the light weightiness. This porcelain dinnerware made in usa is able to survive in the microwave and freezer, and it can withstand around 572 degrees F. another great thing about this crockery is that it can be easily washed in a dishwasher. The sleek, modern style is a take on improving the 1970s style with a trendy twist. The colors of this lead free dishes pops out over everything else in the décor with the strikingly white color.


  • It is perfect for daily, as well as occasional use.
  • It is backed by amazons 1 year warranty.
  • Amazon Basic requires very easy maintenance.
  • It is completely nontoxic as it is free from lead and cadmium.


  • When microwaved, the plate tends to get hot.

2- Corelle service

Corelle service gives one of the best dinnerware sets made in usa. This is a winter frost white set that comes with a total of 18 pieces. It is perfect for daily and occasional uses. There are six 10.25 inch dinner plates, six 6.75 inch appetizer plates and six 18 ounce soup bowls. This is basically one of the finest dinnerware made in America, because it is break and chip resistant. Accidental bumps and tumbling will not cause it to break into pieces. It is heat resistant, even in a microwave, dishwasher and oven. Another great thing about this lead and cadmium free dinnerware brand is that it enables the saving of space through stacking.


  • It is super light and easy to carry.
  • Corelle is super strong and and withstand anything you whip up at home.
  • It is highly hip resistant.


  • The plates are of inconsistent thickness sometimes.

3- Malacasa

Another stoneware dinnerware made in usa comes from malacasa. This set includes six of each, 9.5 inch dinner plates, 8.5 inch dessert plates, cups, saucer and soup plates. This elegant and timeless dinnerware made in the usa is perfect for all sorts of hot and cold food without any fears. The cups are very comfortable to hold as there is a lot of distance between the cup itself and the cup holder.

The plate is deep enough to hold juicy food without causing any spills. This dinnerware made in usa is lead free and can be stacked to avoid taking up a lot of space. This is an extremely simple design that goes a long with everything else in the kitchen and stands out in front of other dinnerware. It is a part of the second high temperature roasting of healthy ceramics, which means the surface is pretty solid and dense reducing the chances of unhealthy chemical reactions. It is resistant to breaking, cracks and chips.


  • The usage is very convenient as it can be safely used in freezers, microwaves and ovens.
  • It is made up of very healthy material.
  • Malacasa has a very minimalist design that goes perfect with everything.
  • It comes with an 18 month warranty where a free replacement/refund is offered in terms of breakage.
  • The premium material is easy to clean in a dishwasher or soap and water.


  • When in oven/ microwave, the plate might get dangerously hot.

4- Euro ceramica

Euro ceramica is another lead and cadmium free dinnerware brand that gives you crockery for four. This is a graceful, classic and casually refined American made stoneware dinnerware. It contains four dinner plates, four salad plates, four cereal bowls and four soup bowls. The material is a professional food grade one and is of one of the finest quality. It is chip resistant porcelain and does not easily break. Moreover it is oven safe, freezer safe and microwave safe. You can safely warm food up to 450 degrees F. it is functionality focus design and gives a full dining experience.


  • All the components are of a perfect shape and design.
  • You can easily dine and serve in these lead free dinnerware sets.
  • The finish on this set is very sleek.
  • It is completely nontoxic.
  • The maintenance of these dishes is very easy and hassle free.


  • The bowls get extremely hot in microwave.

5- Danmers

Danmers is one of the better lead free dinnerware brands. This is a strong, glass dinnerware set which is completely nontoxic. As a service for four, this set contains 10.5 inch dinner plates, 7.5 inch bread butter plates and 5.5 inch cereal bowl. The cereal bowl is very deep, making it commendable for soup and salad as well. The bread and butter plate can  used for fruits, breakfast, biscuits etc. as well. The strong glass is also broken resistant and durable as well as light weight. Convenient storage is ensure by the stackable design. Moreover it is one of the best dinnerware sets made in usa because it is kitchen machine safe and has an elegant black finish.


  • The contemporary style is perfect as a gift choice as well.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance is also offer.
  • Danmers works well with any sort of table.


  • It cannot  used in the oven.
  • It gets very hot in the microwave.

6- American atelier

American atelier has been a recognized brand in terms of dinner especially when it came to lead free dinnerware brands. It has fashion forwarded lead and cadmium free dinnerware made in usa that is available in a wide range. This is a mint white dinnerware that comes with 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates, 4 bowls and 4 mugs. It arrives in expert packaging that is capable of withstanding shipping process, promising a healthy dinnerware set. This is a stoneware dinnerware, as stoneware is said as thicker and heavier choice that yields resilient dinnerware. Moreover this set is non-porous and will not absorb any sort of liquids. It is completely dishwasher safe, and requires very light detergent so that it doesn’t end up becoming harmful.


  • It can withstand frequent and daily use, as well as occasional.
  • The maintenance is very easy as it is dishwasher safe.
  • It is very healthy for use.


  • It tends to give off sparks when microwaved sometimes.

7- Euro cermica with mandala design

Here we have another porcelain dinnerware made in usa by euro ceremica.

Lathered with a mandala design, it is perfect for occasional use or as a gift. It includes 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates, 4 cereal bowls, 4 soup bowls and 4 mugs.  It has a semitransparent reactive gaze finish that high lights the Moroccan inspired design motif. Made up of high fire material is is very strong and durable for a long time. It can washed in a dishwasher or by hands, whatever seems easy. However hands  preferred as to not rupture the exquisite glaze on the top. It is microwave safe as well, and break resistant.


  • It looks even better in real life than pictures.
  • They work perfect for gifting as well.
  • This is a dinnerware manufacture in usa lead free which makes it completely non-toxic.


  • It cannot used in an oven.
  • The plates tend to get very hot.

8- Stone lain

Stone lain gives us dinnerware made in usa which is lead free, as well. This is a 32 piece dinnerware set that is cool and trendy. It comes in a gray matte color and makes a bold statement.  These lead free dishes are for eight and include round dinner plates, salad plates, and bowls and handled mugs. It’s made up of stoneware that has an earthy organic feel to it.  Moreover they made up of very high quality material which id durable and hence microwave safe. They can easily washed in a dishwasher as well. Moreover they have rimmed lips that are a reminiscent of Asians.


  • It is completely non-toxic.
  • Stone works best as a wedding gift.
  • It has very easy maintenance.


  • It is very expensive.


In conclusion, to stay healthy and fit it is very important that you use lead free dinnerware sets so that it won’t leach out when you are having food. I hope this article helps you find the best suited dinnerware for you that tick all boxes in your checklist.

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Some of the brands are: Anchor Hocking Glasses & Bowls. Lenox Fine China & Casual Dinnerware. Kate Spade New York Fine China. Corelle Casual Dinnerware. Fiesta Ceramic Dinnerware. HF Coors Dishes
Yes, it is still mader in USA today. However sometimes the cups that come along are not manufacture in us, they're made in china.
The most basic ones are from pilliviyut. It has been 100% tested and is guaranteed to have no lead or cadmium. No chemicals will be leached onto your food and harm you.
Not all of them are cadmium free, however some of the dishes lisyed above are totally lead and cadmium free.
Home test kids can be used to see for lead. There is a quick color test that can showcase, through a color change, if lead is present or not.
Cast Iron. Stainless Steel. Glass. Bamboo. Ceramic.

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