Voice Activated Pen Recorder – Buying Guide & Review 2021

Technology never halts surprising us one way or another. You name a thing and 21st century have it devised already. Same is the voice activated pen recorder, a device cum gadget with the most dope and useful features to stunt you right away.

The voice activated pen recorder is usually an usb pen with microphone, which functions as a digital voice recorder pen. This sleek and smart device offers multi-purpose features that tend to be useful for office work, company meetings, presentations, or even spying if you feel naughty at days.

You must be wondering which of the available models or brands of such miraculous gadgets are best to get. Stop wondering! Because we have all the answers to your inquiries right here. After thorough research and experimentation, we chose eight voice activated pen recording devices for you.

This review and buying guide of these voice activated pen recording devices will give you a profound knowledge on amazon digital voice recorder pens and their functions. You will now be able to flaunt around with your smart voice recorder pen amazon device and never miss anything of importance.

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Considerable things while buying voice activated pen recorder

Before to get ready to buy any voice activated pen recorder, make sure to keep in your mind the following things that are worth considering:

  • In-built Capacity: As it is the basic requirement acting as storage capacity for your recording ultimately.
  • Framework: Make sure you opt for a reliable and durable product.
  • Noise Cancellation Technology: This feature is significant to save your time and storage.
  • Voice detection: All advance and quality recorders accompany this feature.
  • Battery timing: This is another basic feature to be taken under consideration primarily.
  • Strong Magnetics: In case of spying, it is necessary for your device to get fix easily with the objects.
  • Warranty: Make sure to check the warranty.

Now, Onto the best voice activated recorder for spying rundown!

Top 8 voice activated pen recording devices

1. Small Mini Voice Activated Audio Recorder

  • Super Long 288 Hour Storage Capacity (8GB)
  • 25 Day Stby Battery Date & Time Stamp
  • Simple to Use
  • Crystal Clear Digital Recording

Our top pick is the smart and sleek voice activated recording pen, which works contrary to its size and design. No matter how small it may be, it is equally efficient in functioning.

This, in vogue small recording device amazon has an in-constructed voice-actuated sound account framework. As one of the smoothest account pens available, this usb pen with microphone is the size of a typical pen and contains a smooth LED readout show that switches off during recording.

No Confusing lights or switches. Basically, move the change to either side to begin and quit recording. This best voice activated recorder for spying works just fine on Any Mac or Windows Computer. Notwithstanding your sound accounts, you can store any documents you might want on this.

Set the gadget where you need it, and afterward overlook it. It’ll turn on whenever it hears sound gratitude to its voice-enactment feature. At the point when the sound stops, the incognito sound recorder goes into a rest mode to spare battery life and circle space. Documents are recorded in HD QUALITY MP3 organize and can be played back in any sound program, including iTunes or Windows Media Player.

2. Digital Voice Activated Recorder

  • 192kbps professional PCM recording
  • DSP powerful noise reduction technology
  • Sonic cancellation and filtering
  • 16GB storage
  • TOOBOM software

Our runner up is the 12-hour thin voice activated recorder pen, which is amongst the best secret recording devices amazon. The 192kbps expert PCM recording, with DSP amazing clamor, decreases innovation, sonic abrogation, and sifting for various conditions, ideal for addresses, gatherings meet. Tenderly press down to record/spare rapidly; the activity of this pen with camera and voice recorder is basic!

The 16GB stockpiling permits you to store over 190 hours of recorded documents and 5,000 tunes with this voice activated hidden pen recorder. The plan of the clasp is advantageous for you to wear on your jacket or book. It’s a useful device that everybody needs, and it’s a very extraordinary blessing to give.

Backing for two-channel sound yield, plug in your earphones and hear away from at the pinch of a catch. Macintosh clients need to download the VCL sound player to play the account documents. This model is a must-have for our voice recording pen reviews.

The independent VOR sound powerful catch sound control innovation of this voice activated pen recorder, only gets the sound part, keeping away from clear sections and pointless commotion, significantly upgrading the effectiveness of the recording!

3. Small Voice Activated Digital Audio Recorder

  • Super Long 150 Day Standby Battery Life
  • 576 Hrs. Storage Capacity 16GB
  • 14 Day Continuous
  • Functional Portable Phone
  • Device USB Charger
  • Power Bank

Moving on, we have another small recording device, amazon, on our voice recording pen reviews. This smart device offers you a long standby battery life of 150 days, which is super awesome. You can record and save anything with this motion activated audio recorder under complete confidentiality.

Usage activity of this voice activated recording pen is utterly simple and easy. Just start the recording once, and this surveillance sound recording equipment will automatically record the next time it hears any voice, with its amazing voice activation technology.

Saving and listening to the recordings is even more simple. Once the recordings are saved, you can simply attach your voice activated recording pen to your computer and listen to the audio files. Or, this secret recording devices amazon, also accompanies the OTG cable, so you also have the option to connect it with your android or windows devices.

This secret recording devices amazon accompanies a magnet to easily secure to metallic surfaces. This small yet reliable motion activated audio recorder is compact and simple and comes with a one-year full warranty.

4. Small Voice Activated Digital Audio Recorder

  • 144 hr. Storage Capacity 8GB
  • Super Long 30-Day Standby Battery Life
  • 19 Hrs. Continuous recording
  • Recording Device USB Interface

If you are searching for something exceptional with voice actuation and date and time stamp that you can use at work, this spy audio recorder pen is the ideal pen for you. This voice activated pen recorder has a 19-hour battery life when in ceaseless mode and a multi-day backup battery life when set for voice actuation recording.

This gadget stores 144 hours of sound accounts and just takes 2 hours to completely energize. You can even compose with this pen that records audio, giving you access to an account gadget at the entire hours of the day when you are grinding away.

This amazon digital voice recorder accompanies a basic and simple download to any PC or Mac, no product required to tune in to your documents simply play them through Windows Media Player or VLC media player or iTunes.

5. Digital Voice Recorder

  • DSP dynamic noise reduction
  • One button recording
  • VOR&Power-off Protection
  • 16GB memory
  • Easy file transfer

Next, we have another amazon digital voice recorder with amazing quality and performance. This digital voice recorder pen has built-in professional and dynamic noise reduction chips and quality microphone, which gives you a super quality recording.

This smart digital voice recorder pen automatically ignores the silence while saving the space at the same time, which means that it only records when it detects the voice in order to avoid taking up unnecessary space. This is due to the VOR technology of this smart amazon digital voice recorder.

Aomago small recording device amazon, not only supports recording while writing but can also function as a MP3 player. This motion activated audio recorder will be the best choice for adults, kids, students, and professors.

You can surely count this digital voice recorder pen among the best voice activated pen recording devices. Moreover, this smart device is simple to use with just one click and gives a good amount of recording time.

6. Slim Voice Activated Digital Audio Recorder

  • Easy to Use
  • One-Touch Recording
  • Long 20 Hour Battery Life
  • Date & Time Stamp
  • MP3 Playback on The Go

Then comes another best voice activated recorder for spying. This best voice activated recorder for spying has 20-hour battery life. The slim voice pen with camera and voice recorder stores 71 hours of sound accounts and just takes 2 hours to completely energize.

You can even compose with it, giving you access to an account gadget at the entire hours of the day when you are busy working. Offers A basic and simple download to any PC or Mac, no product required to tune in to your files.

Simply play them through Windows Media Player or VLC media player or iTunes and give your recordings a Go. It is very simple to use. Basically, turn the spy audio recorder pen switch on the highest point of the unit counterclockwise. At the point when you turn the switch, you will see the white spot changing white to dark to show that it is in the record mode.

7. Mini Voice Activated Recorder

  • 32GB memory
  • Super Long 800 Hours Recording Capacity
  • Audio Sound Recording
  • Strong Magnetic
  • 365 Standby Battery

Next, we have another exceptional voice activated pen recorder. The solid magnetic retention of this digital voice recorder pen can stick to any place, under a bed, office work area, vehicle seat, making the recording effectively and covertly.

Noise can be diminished by aggravation; the account sound is 40% more clear than an ordinary digital voice recorder. A high affectability amplifier can work without much of a stretch record sound inside 50ft and record encompassing voice intelligible.

Large limit battery-powered 3200mAh battery of this small recording device amazon permits most extreme 365 days to remain by time, ceaseless recording for 50 hours after each completely charged.

Proficient Pulse Code Modulation has perfect account quality with a bona fide sound system experience, GMY chip and DGC clamor decrease cause you to appreciate precious stone HD sound recording and playback.

8. Spy Camera Hidden Pen Camera

  • Portable Body Cam
  • Snapshot & Take Videos
  • Built-in Free 16GB Micro SD Card
  • Video Resolution,1080P

Lastly, we have a smart spy pen with audio & video recording. This audio and video recording pen looks very much like an actual pen but can be used to take videos. While accompanying a built-in 16 Gb memory, this audio and video recording pen offer you enough storage capacity.

This metal spy pen with audio & video recording accompanies a very sturdy and durable camera and overall framework. The hidden camera of this spy audio recorder pen takes videos in 1080p at 30 frames per second in HD video DVR. And similarly, this audio and video recording pen can also be used to take photos.

It’s simple and easy to convey and utilize. This body pen camera can work around 50 minutes for full charging; It can take clear pictures, suit for a gathering, travel, and proof assortment. This versatile concealed pen camera likewise includes two modes, which will offer you a superior encounter.

This audio and video recording pen take recordings and photographs, yet it can likewise function as an external drive to convey significant reports. It is likewise a user-friendly camera official pen as it just highlights a one-button simple working framework. With a basic snap on to begin taking recordings and another, which will quit taking recordings, the entire procedure couldn’t be any easier.


We are signing off with the hope that our review and buying guide for voice activated pen recorder would prove to be helpful enough. Just make sure to keep in mind the important factors before buying any product. And do grab your personal favorite from the list without any delay.

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What does voice-activated recording mean?

Voice-activated recording simply means that your device is able to automatically start recording after detecting any voice nearby.

How does a recording pen work?

At the point you push it downwards towards the tip, the force turns on, and it begins recording. Push it back up, and recording is saved on the pen. On the off chance that you aren’t talking while the pen is on, it goes into a rest mode to spare battery life. The second it hears a voice, it begins recording again.

What is the best voice activated recorder?

We chose the best products for you, compiling them in a review list. You can pick any one of the above products as best and reliable.

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